my icon is the same literally everywhere

im so boring


born this way is playing its like my favourite song omg *sobs*

i sent in an ‘art for art’ on the-commissioners-corner and im hopeing to get contacted by someone before church but idk

my mod pone is purple

i am purple

my shirt is purple

my blanket is purple

what isnt purple???

i-am-clockwork-your-time-is-up asked:
I think her wifi was messing up. *Shrugs*

yeah me too

btw i dont have to draw your pony for free im totally up for art trades if requests make you uncomfortable likeme

I think Ashley got in trouble with her grandparents.

She hasn’t been on at all.

Or, y’know, she’s just mad at me. I can see that.

i have so many inappropriate jobbed characters like whats up with that