Y’know that thing i posted a bit ago? the thing i was doing?

yeah well i messed up.

i have to redo it.


Is it ever okay to beat a child? Regardless of whatever they’ve done?

Doing a thaaaang. ;D

Doing a thaaaang.

I found my tablet pen.

Time to draw sassy jerks

I’m figuring one of my characters out more fully and

he’s a sassy lil bitch get him away from me

k g’night

The pink one is Rainbow Lines, they’re a tattoo artist with their own parlor. The shop is called Deadly Sins Tattoos.

The green one is a librarian, she doesn’t have a cutie mark or a name yet.

She’s based off my sister, who hasn’t figured out her thing yet.

cutey cute sisters <3

I am best goggles artist.

I am best goggles artist.

im ok but i was crying hysterically for a few minutes there